How can you plan for the future while balancing your daily workload and the crisis of the moment? It starts with asking the right questions and knowing where to find the answers.


The Room40 Group is a unique consulting team dedicated to empowering senior nonprofit leaders to grow their organization’s impact through data-based decisions.


Consultant and executive perspectives.
We apply our expertise as consultants and experience as executives to cut through complexity and identify your most important decisions

Decisions, not just data.
Rather than simply piling on the data, we help you make good decisions.

Knowhow and expertise in executing strategy.
We’ve been in your position and have learned best practices from other groups. We’ll help you achieve your goals efficiently, with limited resources.

Pattern recognition. Peer Learning
There’s no need—and no time—to reinvent the wheel. We draw on learning from across sectors get to the right answer for you.

the results?


Great execution of your strategy.

A positive return on investment.

More efficient use of staff and leadership time.

And a boost that makes it a little easier to change the world.


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The Map Of Opportunity

Your guide to philanthropy in the United States

Where is the money? Use the Map to understand your philanthropic markets, assess your philanthropic potential, and raise more money in the coming year.

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