The following are a few examples of how Room40 helps nonprofits improve, grow, and change.


Invest in Kids

Invest in Kids

Develop recommendations for a growth plan that doubles the amount of beneficiaries

Cradles to Crayons

Cradles to Crayons

Defining an organization and make a growth plan a reality

City Year

City Year

Helping a national nonprofit improve how it allocates, shares, and manages shared service costs

“ [We] still refer to the research we did 9 months later. Helped feel confident about the stakes we put in the ground for our strategic plan. Confidence that we were going to be the best at what we want to do.”

— Dr. Yoon Choi, CollegeSpring

Our Clients


“I especially appreciated that Room40 took to heart our ask for nuanced facilitation: knowing when to “let it ride” and when to interject with synthesis, advice, or to move us along; and all the while remaining focused on accomplishing our meeting objectives… As a result, I feel more confident in and more committed to our targets and goals.

— Jennifer Vranek, Education First Consulting

“[Room40 Group] gave us the language to talk about why we make the decisions we make and to get unstuck in places that we get stuck in”

— Margaret Hall, GreenLight Fund

“We thoroughly enjoyed working with the Room40 team, they provided a fun and thoughtful experience and relationship.”

— Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees

“We are still using the plan Room40 Group created as we go into new locations”
— Yolanda Coentro, Institute for Nonprofit Practice