What Makes Us the Room40 Group

We are committed helping nonprofits do great things and change for the better

We particularly value the combination of judgment, experience, data and analysis that results in better decisions, faster.

We do things the right amount to achieve great results, knowing that lots of extra time spent achieving the same result represents a cost, not a benefit; and clients will lead us to what’s important, and the important parts of how we can help them improve.

We are not interested in taking on work that does not make our clients better, even when it benefits us in some way (e.g. revenue, recognition, the positive attention of a third party, etc.)

We set high standards achieved through continuous improvement – for ourselves and for our work

We are committed to the improvement of things that matter, through both intentionality and feedback.

We own our failures, mistakes, and the times we fall short, learning from all of these with humility.

We understand that while the effort and dedication that goes into this is constant, the changes that make up the long-term positive evolution of our work happens in fits and starts.

We value learning and intellectual diversity, recognizing that we are all teachers and all learners

We take care of each other

We value collaborative relationships and taking care of people: each other, our clients, families, communities, and others

We are whole people, for whom work is one important part of a rich life

We take joy and have fun doing something meaningful to improve an imperfect world.

Room40 Group